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The author Thomas Wolfe said “You can’t go home again.” But John Francis Bongiovi Jr. said, “Who said you can’t go home?” I’m more inclined to go with Bon Jovi on this one.

The Honolulu show on Thursday was so fun. Now I’m on the Big Island and just wrapped the Friday night show in Kona. Good times. Now onward to Hilo!

And in preparation for the show at Hilo Town Tavern on Saturday night, The Hawaii Tribune-Herald newspaper did a story/interview with me. They made it the cover story of their entertainment mag and the centerfold as well! <blushing> I am honored. Oddly, the naked picture they used of me was not in the centerfold section, but the next page. Oh well.

Reminds me of the time FHM Magazine in Singapore made me their centerfold. Probably upset a lot of horny guys. Or not?

Props to writer Katie Young Yamanaka for the ink!

Click here to read the article!


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