A Reminder From The Past

A Reminder From The Past post image

Here’s a post from the archives, which remains yugely relevant given the recent circumstances. I repurposed it in shiny meme form because people can’t be bothered to read anything anymore unless it is a picture of words over a picture of something else.

Great LOL Of China

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This April, I’m headed back for more shows across the Middle Kingdom!

Some of the questions I’m asked frequently about my gigs in Asia include, “Aren’t you afraid to go to a Communist country?” and, Do you do your act in Asian?

The answers, in order, are, [click to continue…]

Dear Marvel Studios

Dear Marvel Studios post image

When we last left our mighty Avengers, at the end of Captain America: Civil War, Steve Rogers had walked away as the titular hero. Bucky, Steve’s replacement in the comic book and best friend, had his previously ripped-off arm re-ripped off before he was sent to cryofreeze.

Who will be the heart and soul of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Infinity War?

The answer is simple and the the one guy for the job has been building his case in front of our very eyes for decades. So I wrote this letter to Marvel Studios: [click to continue…]

Top Ten Movies of 2016

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Right now, chatter is beginning of who will be nominated for an Oscar, while I’m already getting sent screeners of movies for the SAG Awards. Plus, you’ll be seeing a lot of silly year-end best-of lists.

The problem is these lists are always a jumping-off point for arguments. But not when said lists are carefully compiled and scientifically vetted. Then there is no room for squabbling, only acceptance.

Here, then, are the real Top 10 Movies of 2016! (And don’t worry, if you don’t see your favorite movie here, it’s probably at number 11.) [click to continue…]