Hong Kong: LOL Island

Hong Kong: LOL Island post image

A humid, tropical isle. An angry monster. Chaos and mayhem.

It’s either the list of ingredients for the new King Kong movie… OR… [click to continue…]


FUQ post image

Interviews are fun. The President and his spokesperson seem to have a different opinion about this. I don’t mind doing them, even if the questions I get asked are invariably the same.

“Are you always funny, even at home?”

“Who are your inspirations?”

“You travel a lot. Do you have a lot of frequent flyer miles?”

The answers are as follows: [click to continue…]


Paulkistan post image

In my never ending mission to bring laughter everywhere in the world, I am about to head off to Pakistan for the country’s first ever international comedy shows!

Masterminded by Pakistani comedian Umar Rana, these shows [click to continue…]

A Reminder From The Past

A Reminder From The Past post image

Here’s a post from the archives, which remains yugely relevant given the recent circumstances. I repurposed it in shiny meme form because people can’t be bothered to read anything anymore unless it is a picture of words over a picture of something else.