Set Your DVR!

Set Your DVR! post image

It’s official! I’ve got an air date for the Comedy Central Asia half-hour.

This journey began last month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A bunch of my very funny friends from around the world got together and made some television history. You can hear me talk all about it on my buddy Turner Sparks’ Lost In America podcast.

The second season of Stand-Up Asia premieres on August 22, but they have scheduled my half-hour as the final episode of the season. Of course, as a comedian and therefore a broken human, I have mixed feelings about this. [click to continue…]

The New, Improved Kim Jong-un Title Maker! post image

You know North Korea’s leader by his name, Kim Jong-un. But besides the name on his super-villain’s license, he has many other official ways to be addressed:

• Chairman of the party’s Central Military Commission
• Member of the Presidium of the party’s Political Bureau
• Supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army

And about a dozen more. But wouldn’t you like to have your very own over-indulgent title to satisfy the dictator inside you and amaze your captive subjects, too? [click to continue…]

Asia Comedy Reunion

Asia Comedy Reunion post image

Performing in Asia is always an adventure. Escaping the authorities, alcohol-fueled amnesia, gigs gone sideways.

The comics I shared these adventures with had, until recently, all lived there. But now, [click to continue…]

Planning Material

Planning Material post image

Television is a strange thing.

From era to era, what was allowed to be said over its airwaves has changed. Back in 1960, after NBC censored one of Jack Paar’s relatively harmless jokes about a toilet, the Tonight Show host walked off the show in mid-broadcast as a protest.

Flash forward to 2017 and [click to continue…]