The LOL Boat

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I never really watched the comedy/romance TV series, The Love Boat, when I was a kid. Too much icky romance. Yuck. Not enough comedy.

All I knew for sure about the show was its catchy theme song: “Come aboard. We’re expecting you!”

Well, of course they’re expecting you. [click to continue…]

I Am Chicken Feet

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Time to face facts: I am the chicken feet of comedy.

Yes, I said chicken feet. In China, they are called Jī jiǎo. In Indonesia, they are ceker. And in the Philippines they are adidas.

Taking a look at chicken feet’s Wikipedia page, it seems that [click to continue…]

Land of the Fury, Home of the Berated post image

Hello, my fellow Americans. Since some of us ignore what the #TakeTheKnee movement is all about and would rather set up straw men like flag/anthem etiquette, do you want a glimpse into the Land Of What Might Be?

Last year, while on tour in India, I was loudly confronted by an audience member during the show. My crime? Daring to joke about their national anthem, Jana Gana Mana. Immediately, upon hearing me mention the song, an angry man stood up and shouted at me, “I don’t come to YOUR country and make fun of YOUR song!”

Awk. Ward. [click to continue…]

The World’s Greatest Psychic

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Earlier last week, as I was stuck on a cruise ship because of Hurricane Irma, I took advantage of the free Wi-Fi (Royal Caribbean was simply awesome with helping the stranded at sea) to watch the live Apple Event from the brand new Steve Jobs Theater.

As a life-long lover of all things Apple, the event gave me everything this fanboy could have wanted, including the fabled One More Thing. (Man, I miss you, Steve.) But more than that, [click to continue…]