The Importance of Giving

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Flashback to November 1979. I was a lonely fat kid with no friends. Sure, little has changed since then, except I’m old now. And married. But let’s focus on this dream sequence.

CUE THE HARP AND BLUR [click to continue…]

The Master

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When I was a kid in Hawaii, there was only one stand-up comic in the islands: Andy Bumatai. I had his albums and watched him on TV and wanted to do what he did.

He’s really the person most responsible for what I am. Sort of like the Darth Sidious to my Darth Vader. But, you know, with jokes. Honolulu Magazine once did a story on comedy in Hawaii, and you can see as they trace the lineage of funny.

Flash forward to years later and [click to continue…]

Sarah S(L)anders

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In every conflict, you will find a purveyor of prevarication, a distiller of disinformation, a flinger of fraudulence. A liar for the regime.

In the Korean War, you had Seoul City Sue. During the Vietnam War, there was Hanoi Hannah. And who could forget Saddam Hussein’s own minister of mendacity, Baghdad Bob? [click to continue…]

The LOL Boat

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I never really watched the comedy/romance TV series, The Love Boat, when I was a kid. Too much icky romance. Yuck. Not enough comedy.

All I knew for sure about the show was its catchy theme song: “Come aboard. We’re expecting you!”

Well, of course they’re expecting you. [click to continue…]