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In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indy’s sidekick, Short Round, asks him what they are searching for. “Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory,” he replies.

Much like the fictional Dr. Jones, in my career as a stand-up comic, I have traversed the planet in search of fortune and glory. And I bring you tales of mystical locales where such can be obtained.

If you’re a comic as well, and have always wanted to join the global hunt for comedy fortune and glory, may I direct your attention to this map of China. (I am pointing at an imaginary map.) Temple of Doom begins in the city of Shanghai, and it is here that you might begin your quest.

My friends at Kung Fu Komedy are putting on mainland China’s very first international comedy festival in the Paris of the East. Up for grabs are comedy bookings and cash: 10,000 RMB! How much is that in American money? You can Google it, or I can tell you it is damn near 21 MILLION Indonesian Rupiahs.

Or maybe, like post-movie Indy, who is not any richer, but has gained much glory and lived through amazing escapades, you will emerge richer in spirit. With a renewed hunger for the wonder of comedy/archaeology and disdain for Nazis. Either way, you can’t lose! Just remember what I told you about comedy competitions and you’ll be fine.

Hit up KFK’s website and sign yourself up for what is sure to be a good time and, at the very least, your first step in your greatest adventure. Will you get killed chasing your fortune and glory? Maybe. But not today.

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