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Considering the average American drives 15 miles to work each day, the average American is one lucky bastard. I sat down to begin my year-end taxes, and as I was tallying up my truck mileage I got sidetracked and decided to see what my total commutes to work were like in 2011.


Here are some freaky stats:

Pretty standard, right? The average American drove about 8,000 miles to work this year. I pushed my mighty Titan truck another 14,000 miles to get to shows in 2011. That number is even pretty low for a comedian in the U.S. But hold on…

Daaaaaamn! I flew 157,568 miles to work this year. That’s almost 150 times the average American flies in an entire year. I flew more than ⅔ of the way to the moon. That’s a really long time to be smashed into an airline seat. I told you comedians are broken people, if not emotionally then at least physically, after this year. (Not all the flights were bad. Some were exciting!) Here’s how much of a glutton for punishment I am:

But in the end, it was all worth it. I met a lot of new friends, been to a lot of new places and ate a lot of new things. Here’s to hoping 2012 will be just as fun, and that you can make it to one of the shows to join in on the monkey business. Thanks for the good times!

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