Racist Qantas Flight Attendant

Racist Qantas Flight Attendant post image

Allow me to tell you about the racist Qantas Airways flight I just took.

Fifteen hours is a long time to be wedged into the iron maiden known as a modern airplane economy-class seat. That’s how long it takes to fly from Los Angeles to Australia, where I’m doing shows this month. It feels even longer when for thirteen of those hours you have to stifle the urge to pull a racist flight attendant (pictured above) into the galley and “enlighten” him.

And now, the tale of the Q Qlux Qlan: [click to continue…]

Height Privilege

Height Privilege post image

We’ve heard quite a bit about “white privilege” recently, so allow me to shed some light on a similar set of unearned sociopolitical advantages: height privilege. Taller people, I’m pointing (upwards) at you.

It’s the kind of privilege that tall people enjoy when [click to continue…]

Farewell Robin Williams

Farewell Robin Williams post image

Once there was this hero, who saved me from an existence of spiritual subsistence. The first time I saw Robin Williams’ masterpiece, A Night at the Met, I was hooked. On laughing. On the possibility of riotous, beautiful chaos. On the even more delicious prospect of that chaos’ meticulous orchestration. On the idea that making people laugh was what I might do with my life.

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Hello Price Gougers

Hello Price Gougers post image

While this post may be about Hawaii, it can apply to anywhere, really. Because what it involves is a universal thing: loyalty.

On Twitter and Facebook, I see instance after instance of stores in Hawaii jacking up the price of bottled water in anticipation of the upcoming hurricanes (PLURAL!), sometimes by as much as 300%.

Forget whether this practice may or may not be illegal (and it is illegal, per Hawaii Revised Statutes § 209-9), it’s just shitty. And if there’s something Hawaii people are good at, it’s [click to continue…]