Frankie’s Holiday

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No secret that I’m a huge Apple user/fan. And also no secret that I’m a huge Brad Garrett fan, both onstage and off.

What a wonderful treat, then, to have this show up today:

Only 2 minutes in length, it manages to be infinitely better than movies 2 hours long.

Watch. Smile. Cry. Retweet. Repeat.

Coming To America

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America! It’s still the dream destination of choice for the world. Okay, so the new guy might not be as high on immigrants as Neil Diamond was. Well, that won’t stop people from traveling far, without a home but not without a star.

Here’s an improvised scene from the Chain Comedy gang this week. We are thrown onstage and given the direction: “This is the ‘Oh Boy We’re Going To Be Citizens Soon’ club.” And armed only with that information, we plunge headfirst into the comedic unknown. Hilarity hopefully ensues:

Law & Order SAR

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Just 48 hours into my latest Hong Kong trip, and I’ve already been to a jail and court.

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You can’t turn on the TV these days without hearing how they’re dividing us. Red state versus blue state. East versus West. iPhones versus exploding Samsung ones.

Well, let’s stop focusing on what’s keeping us apart and instead see what we have in common.

The Croatian word for laughter is “smijeh.” In French it is “rire,” and in Welsh it is “chwerthin.” But, amazingly, actual laughter is the same all around the world.

It is true we’re born crying, because [click to continue…]