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Dear Harrison Ford,

Get well soon! You were a hero to me in my childhood, as I’m sure you were to many others.

But can I be honest with you? STAY AWAY FROM FLYING MACHINES.

It seems any flying thing you approach, whether in movies or in real life, does not end well. Let’s review the evidence, shall we? Continue Reading

Just to clear things up from the previous installment of Conversations With Club Owners: I wasn’t saying all club owners are like this. In fact, I have a lot of friends who own comedy clubs and they don’t do any of this stuff. Which is probably why their clubs are thriving and successful.

However… there are some bonafide batshit crazy ballbags out there. And their deeds are chronicled here. True stories! Continue Reading

In my ongoing quest to give you a glimpse into the madness that is comedy, here’s the first entry in a little comic strip I will call, “Conversations With Club Owners.”

A true story!

Click to enlarge: Continue Reading

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