Sometimes the Universe taps you on the shoulder and when it does, you must pay heed.

There are certain iconic venues in which I’ve always wanted to perform. In Honolulu, it was the Hawaii Theatre. Check. In Singapore, it was the Esplanade, aka “The Durian.” Check. In San Francisco, the place I’ve always wanted to do a show was Continue Reading…

Super Crazy Weekend

January 19, 2014 — Leave a comment

The cabins might not be as cushy on the carrier, but cruise ships don’t have a close-in weapons system spitting out 4500 rounds of depleted uranium per minute. Attention, pirates: suck it.

This Super Bowl weekend I’ll be performing on the Celebrity Equinox, a giant cruise ship, in the Caribbean Sea. I’m sure there will be huge screens, plus food and drinks galore. I’m equally sure it will be a great time. I strongly advise you to join me on the Equinox, January 31 through February 10. But the best Super Bowl party I’ve ever attended on a large ship was four years ago. Let me tell you about the timeĀ I hopped on a plane, tail-hooked onto an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean and put on a Super Bowl championship ring!

The craziest. Super Bowl. Weekend.


Note the inflatable giant screen. You know you’re at a Navy Super Bowl party when your TV doubles as a floatation device.

My adventure began on a Friday night when I met up with Continue Reading…

Eye Love Las Vegas

January 10, 2014 — Leave a comment

Eye love Las Vegas. It makes me so sad to leave Vegas that eye ball like a baby. This kind of thing lens itself well to silly puns. Each pun is cornea than the lash one.

Anyway, please brows the following important info:

Catch me at the new Las Vegas Live Comedy Club, located at the V Theatre in the Planet Hollywood Resort’s Miracle Mile. I’ll be there at 9pm nightly from Monday, January 13 through Sunday, January 19. Click here for tickets.

New Words For 2014

December 28, 2013 — 1 Comment

When I was a kid, there was an immutable source of words collected in book format called a dictionary. These were the words that everyone agreed upon to describe the world around us. But recently, the Oxford English Dictionary has been documenting the fall of civilization by adding silly new “words” to its pages. Things like twerking, selfie or vom. And that’s just in this year alone.

So I decided to get proactive and help the OED staff by highlighting words which we will all be using by this time next year.

Here, then, are Continue Reading…