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Showing some clear outside-the-box thinking (provided the box is labeled “Creativity”), Sony Pictures recently announced that the 21 Jump Street and Men In Black film franchises are coming together for a crossover movie. Of course, since Hollywood just cannot resist an unoriginal idea, the entire rest of Tinseltown are scrambling to mash up other franchises and cash in on that sweet copycat money.

Consulting my contacts in the industry, I found that there is a tsunami of tsuck headed our way. Here’s what we can expect in movie theaters soon: [click to continue…]

How To Be A Superhero

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These days you can’t go a couple of months without a new superhero movie coming out. Because people love the idea of heroes. It’s no secret that I wanted to be a superhero. I’m sure many of you would have wanted the same for yourself. At least, your 3-year-old self. Then adulthood came along, and with it came bills, work, and a ton of other things known as, “not being a superhero.”

But I’ll let you in on a little secret: there’s still a chance for you to become a superhero.

To understand how, you need to realize what it is that superheroes do. [click to continue…]

The Least Popular Bush Ever

The Least Popular Bush Ever post image

Over the weekend, Jeb Bush (son of former President George H. W. Bush and brother of former President George W. Bush) terminated his bid to also become President of the United States. See? Republicans have abortions, too.

Along his journey to become Not The President, Jeb learned some very important things. Firstly, America wasn’t [click to continue…]

A Rogue By Any Other Name…

A Rogue By Any Other Name… post image

Did you know there’s about 60 different names for sugar that food manufacturers can use in the ingredients list so that you don’t know you’re actually eating sugar?

Buttercream? SUGAR.

Diastatic Malt? SUGAR.

Sorghum? SUGAR.

Like Bon Jovi said, “it’s all the same, only the names have changed.” And so goes politics. Every four years, we are presented with myriad candidates from different political parties. This happens, of course, to trick the masses into believing we have a choice. But do we, really?

Right now, the top two candidates from both the Democrat and Republican parties will shout endlessly [click to continue…]