Hello Price Gougers

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While this post may be about Hawaii, it can apply to anywhere, really. Because what it involves is a universal thing: loyalty.

On Twitter and Facebook, I see instance after instance of stores in Hawaii jacking up the price of bottled water in anticipation of the upcoming hurricanes (PLURAL!), sometimes by as much as 300%.

Forget whether this practice may or may not be illegal (and it is illegal, per Hawaii Revised Statutes § 209-9), it’s just shitty. And if there’s something Hawaii people are good at, it’s [click to continue…]

Guardians of the Comedy

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When Disney and Marvel got together they made an estimated 700 gazillion dollars with The Avengers movie and the sequels to the Iron Man, Captain America and Thor franchises. Then they must have gotten tired. Do you know how tedious it is to count 700 gazillion dollar bills?

So the plan then, I imagine, was to create a movie so bonkers batshit bananas that nobody would go. And then Disney/Marvel would have time to take a breather and finish counting their money. The pitch meeting for the movie probably went like this: [click to continue…]

Menace and Mirth

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Comedy is a dangerous job. I’ve been on stage in many perilous places: an outpost in Afghanistan; a chemical weapons disposal facility on Johnston Island; a bar in Oakland.

Heck, I’m in Malaysia very often, and it turns out that region [click to continue…]

Paul Ogata in Kona, HI

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Ah, Kona. I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Kona.

It’s where I shot my first spot doing stand-up comedy on national TV. Back in the day, MTV was a channel that showed music videos. (Remember that?) And when music videos were brand new and MTV was the hero of the art, even the broadcast networks wanted a piece of that action. Especially since not many homes actually received MTV. (In fact, [click to continue…]