We shouldn’t have an Indian-American Miss America and I hope we never have another one.

You heard me. (You read me, I guess.)

Twitter was set afire after the crowning of Nina Davuluri, this year’s Miss America. Davuluri, of Indian descent, caused a stir Continue Reading…

Special Occ-Asian

September 14, 2013 — 2 Comments

From my very first visit to Malaysia a couple of years ago, I instantly fell in love with the place and its friendly people. And then I had such a great time in Malaysia this past April, I wanted to get back as soon as possible. Hey, wishes do come true! The second half of my Asian tour kicks off at the beginning of next month. It’s a quick swing of 10 shows in 4 countries. And here are all the details: Continue Reading…

Samsung You Old Pirate

September 4, 2013 — Leave a comment

Even McKayla Is Not Impressed With Samsung’s New Smart Watch

As Samsung announced (with great hoopla and furious promotion) their new Galaxy Gear smart watch, I couldn’t help but feel unimpressed. I had the McKayla face for two reasons. Continue Reading…

Miley Cyrus: Iron Patriot

August 29, 2013 — 4 Comments

Miley Cyrus - Iron Patriot!Even if you missed watching the MTV Video Music Awards, you have by now certainly heard of Miley Cyrus’ controversy-causing performance. But what is all the fuss about, anyway?

I’ve heard stories of children crying to their parents when Cyrus appeared in flesh-colored latex bikini, jabbing at her crotch with a giant foam finger, desperately trying to rub her gyrating backside against anything - including inanimate objects like Robin Thicke – all the while flailing her tongue about. It was as if she was a snake – an evil, nymphomaniac snake – casting her prehensile glossus wildly throughout the air to sniff out field mice or, more likely, publicity.

How was Cyrus even able to sing with her tongue hanging out of her head the entire time? Terry Fator, watch your back.

Let’s get back to the crying children for a moment. If you actually Continue Reading…