The World’s Greatest Psychic

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Earlier last week, as I was stuck on a cruise ship because of Hurricane Irma, I took advantage of the free Wi-Fi (Royal Caribbean was simply awesome with helping the stranded at sea) to watch the live Apple Event from the brand new Steve Jobs Theater.

As a life-long lover of all things Apple, the event gave me everything this fanboy could have wanted, including the fabled One More Thing. (Man, I miss you, Steve.) But more than that, [click to continue…]

The Lost San Francisco Diary

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I exist in a weird limbo between being horrible at keeping things and yet equally as bad at throwing them away.

Let me give you an example. Ten years ago, I entered the San Francisco International Comedy Competition. I thought I might keep an account of the potentially weeks-long slog (that is, should I advance from prelims to semis to finals) to document what that kind of thing might be like.

So I took pen to paper [click to continue…]

Set Your DVR!

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It’s official! I’ve got an air date for the Comedy Central Asia half-hour.

This journey began last month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A bunch of my very funny friends from around the world got together and made some television history. You can hear me talk all about it on my buddy Turner Sparks’ Lost In America podcast.

The second season of Stand-Up Asia premieres on August 22, but they have scheduled my half-hour as the final episode of the season. Of course, as a comedian and therefore a broken human, I have mixed feelings about this. [click to continue…]

The New, Improved Kim Jong-un Title Maker! post image

You know North Korea’s leader by his name, Kim Jong-un. But besides the name on his super-villain’s license, he has many other official ways to be addressed:

• Chairman of the party’s Central Military Commission
• Member of the Presidium of the party’s Political Bureau
• Supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army

And about a dozen more. But wouldn’t you like to have your very own over-indulgent title to satisfy the dictator inside you and amaze your captive subjects, too? [click to continue…]