How To Beat Donald Trump

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Attention, Democrats! (And Republicans, too, apparently.) Donald Trump just today hit an all-new high of support in a national poll. Does it seem like he will be impossible to beat? And does it seem that the more hate he spews and negativity he generates, the more powerful he becomes? The solution is clear once you realize where you have seen this before. [click to continue…]

The Awakening

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There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it?

I have. In Hong Kong. It’s the awakening of awesomeness. For some reason, the Special Administrative Region of China is getting massive love from Disney/Lucasfilm in advance of the movie’s opening. In fact, it will open in Hong Kong a day before it does in the United States. Maybe it’s to beat the pirate DVD sales. But I think I have a better explanation… [click to continue…]

My (Un)Official Podcast

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It seems like everyone has a podcast these days. While I wrestle with the idea of starting one of my own, and what that would exactly provide for you, I have decided to kind of start one. So tide you over to the real thing, I give you: THE ERSATZCAST©: THE UNOFFICIAL PAUL OGATA PODCAST!

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“BE MINDFUL,” read the large letters on the side of the highway on my way to Launceston, Tasmania. Of course, it’s a Catch-22. They beg you to keep your eyes on the road, while demanding that you take your eyes off the road to see them.

Part advice, part art, part disgusted farmer who is tired of repairing his fence, I imagine.

The words of wisdom, like a Ceti Alpha eel, burrowed into my mind, causing me to “be mindful” of the other art in Australia I came across. Here’s what I found: [click to continue…]