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I love Singapore and Malaysia. Where else would I get the chance to perform in the government’s former parliament chambers or be the centerfold in FHM Magazine?

So it is with great joy that I am headed back to perform in both of those countries. If you’ve never been to either country, now is the perfect opportunity to head over there and catch my shows. Be forewarned, [click to continue…]

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Thanks, everybody, for your interest in Conversations With Club Owners. I suppose hearing about the suffering of others makes people feel great about their situations. This really explains reality shows.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a wonderful job and I am having a ball. However, like most balls, you gotta go through some nutbags. And these are their stories.

But first, let me tell you about one of the awesome club owners: Jami Gong from TakeOut Comedy in Hong Kong. I’ve seen this guy create an entire country’s comedy scene out of nothing. And he lets me know exactly when he wants me back next as soon as I’m done working the current week. Amazing.

Anyway, back to the suffering. Enjoy!

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<Cue Dragnet music>

Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect my bookings. This is the business, stand-up comedy. I work here. I’m a comic.

While Conversations With Club Owners focuses on the bad apples among them, please know that there are many good ones. Brad Garrett, the eponymous owner of Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club in Las Vegas, is a great example of an awesome club owner. Not only does he treat the comedians like family, but the entire staff follows his lead. Also, there is a lot of free candy.

This comic strip is not about club owners like Brad.

Nope, this is about the other side of the coin. Folks who are obviously on benzoylmethylecgonine or who should be on citalopram.


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Another true story that actually happened from my dealings with comedy club owners. I wish I could name names, but the sad reality is that too many of them say the same things.

Instead, how about this: I’ll begin telling you the name of an awesome comedy club owner each time I do a cartoon about the sordid, seamy ones. Then the universe is in balance again.

TODAY’S AWESOME CLUB OWNER: Rocky Osborn of Aces Comedy Club in Murrieta, California, is a great guy and a comedian himself. He has good ideas and is always working to keep his crowds and comics happy.

This story is not about him.


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