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Paul Ogata at the Mad House Comedy Club, Feb 2015

VD in SD

Laughter gets your body pumping out more endorphins. What are endorphins, you might ask? Those are your body’s own natural drugs, that get you feeling all good inside. And when you and your special somebody are both squishy happy horny, then sexytime is right around the corner. But it all starts with laughter, and that’s where I come in.

This Valentine’s Day week, meet me in San Diego at the Mad House Comedy Club for your prescription of magic oof pills. I will Continue Reading

Paul Ogata for Mayor

Thank You

Dear You,

It’s the kind of thing you work up to your whole career: a 1-hour special. And it’s over. (The special, not the career. Well, at least I hope the career isn’t over.) All that are left are the questions. Did it work? Was it successful? Were the audience members happy? Why must people Continue Reading

Paul Ogata, Tom Rhodes, Jonathan Atherton

I sat down with modern-day comedy legend Tom Rhodes to get all podcasty and what not. Give it a listen on

Tom is an international superstar and I’m lucky to call him a friend. Once you’re done listening, Continue Reading

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