The Bottle

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Back in the day at Ocean Club in Honolulu (formerly Studebaker’s, if you are that old… and I am), it was one of those crowded nights. One of those nights when too many people crammed themselves into a small club to get their minds off of being crammed in too tightly onto a small island. I stepped outside to inhale some air devoid of sweat and Drakkar.

I sat on the low wall across the club’s entrance, eavesdropping on the world’s worst [click to continue…]

What A Lovely Tour!

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Oh, what a tour… WHAT A LOVELY TOUR! Three weeks in Australia without a night off. Now gimme that silver spray paint! Here’s the full list of shows. Come to one. Or all. You are awaited.

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Did You? Know That!

Make ‘Merica More Gooder!

Laughs For Lions 10

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The mighty Kamehameha Lions Club puts on a hell of a comedy show every year in Honolulu. This year is the show’s 10th anniversary, and is its biggest yet!

I am honored to have been a part of this show for several years, and especially honored to be asked back for this year’s iteration. As always, [click to continue…]