Bigger! Shinier! Faker!

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Bigger. Shinier. Faker. More-r! That’s the unwritten credo of Las Vegas.

Vegas’ ferris wheel is bigger than your city’s ferris wheel. Vegas’ lights are shinier than your city’s lights. (YOU CAN SEE IT FROM SPACE!) Vegas’ boobs are faker, bigger and shinier than your city’s boobs. (Also probably visible from space.)

So it seemed perfectly natural that last week as I worked in Vegas I would run into an amazing feat of faker/bigger. [click to continue…]

Career Advice

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So, you want to be a stand-up comic? Follow this handy flowchart to determine what your parents think you should do with your life.

The Lowly Artist

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(And anyone else, too. This applies no matter what you do.)

An ad agency emailed me asking to renew the usage on some voice work I did for their client a couple of years ago. (For the original job, I submitted an invoice the day they requested it and did not receive payment for almost 6 months. After half a year, when they felt like paying, they claim to have sent a check, but to the wrong address. A subsequent invoice for a late fee was completely ignored.)

A quick excerpt of our communication: [click to continue…]


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In a previous life, I did morning radio. This generally involved sitting in a very small room for several hours everyday. As a contrast, it seems that a lot of my job as a comedian involves traveling. Sometimes to locations very near, sometimes to far away places. But always traveling. So much so, that I feel I’ve developed “Fernweh,” or “awaysickness,” the opposite of homesickness. (Naturally, Fernweh is a word invented by the Germans, who have made a habit of preferring to be in places other than their own home. World War much?)

This week I’m close to home, but seemingly [click to continue…]