Rest In Peace, Comedy

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You work your whole life trying to perfect what you do, overcoming hurdles and obstacles, wending your way through the intrinsically byzantine labyrinth of the industry surrounding your passion. Then one day, the gate keepers who purport to uphold the standards and quality to which you aspire – to which you have been aspiring your entire life – lower their escutcheons. They let through someone who has never spent a minute doing what you have bled, sweat and cried tens of millions of minutes doing. They create a mockery of all you hold dear.

Yes, I’m talking about Madonna attempting to do stand-up comedy on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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Mirthra: King of Funsters

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I aim to entertain you when you come to a show, of course. Also, just for kicks and giggles I do most of the posters you’ll find me on, especially the ones here on my website, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Often, the posters have something to do with the gig. Like this one, this one or this one. Then other times I just do something weird that strikes my fancy at the moment, such as this poster.

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F$&king Monkeys

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Just back from a boisterously wonderful two-week run at the Crackhouse Comedy Club in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia! Often times when I’m in that country, it is only for a few days. As a result, my sightseeing is severely hampered. But this time, my extended stay afforded me the chance to see some things I had never gotten around to previously.

I had always wanted to visit the Hindu temple at Batu Caves. In my home state of Hawaii, the slang for crystal methamphetamine is “batu.” This is not why I wanted to visit. (And certainly NOT why I went to visit the village of Mahu in Myanmar.)

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Jersey? Sure!

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When you think of Atlantic City, you probably picture me naked on a couch with a luxurious fur stole draped over my dangly bits. And if you didn’t before, I’m sorry but you will now.

You should know that a fur stole on your dangly bits feels quite amazing. I’m surprised bareback chinchilla riding is not a more popular event at nudist colonies.

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