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Since the mid-1970s, McDonald’s has featured the Hamburglar as one of its McDonaldland characters. Originally, it made zero sense to have a criminal as one of the major spokespeople for a restaurant chain. This week, however, the ghost of Ray Kroc emerged from the ground and saw his shadow, declaring 40 more years of this ridiculous marketing misstep.

Did you know that the character’s real name, according to McDonald’s, is Hamilton B. Urglar? I shit you not.

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Mirth + More

The second issue of Mirth + More is out on stands now! Well, not in the United States. But M+M is “Asia’s Premier Comedy And Lifestyle Magazine” so look for it over there and read their review of one of my shows in Kuala Lumpur. The cover should be easy to spot as it features the distinctive visage of my friend, the most famous person in Malaysia, Harith Iskander. Harith is the godfather of stand-up comedy in Malaysia and it’s always a treat to hang out with him.

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You work your whole life trying to perfect what you do, overcoming hurdles and obstacles, wending your way through the intrinsically byzantine labyrinth of the industry surrounding your passion. Then one day, the gate keepers who purport to uphold the standards and quality to which you aspire – to which you have been aspiring your entire life – lower their escutcheons. They let through someone who has never spent a minute doing what you have bled, sweat and cried tens of millions of minutes doing. They create a mockery of all you hold dear.

Yes, I’m talking about Madonna attempting to do stand-up comedy on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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