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Calling The Nut House

Ah, live improvised comedy. It’s like breakdancing on thin ice. Or swinging nunchaku blindfolded in a Precious Moments store. Or a third thing.

Chain Comedy does it every Monday night in Temecula at 3rd Street Live. It’s an addictive, entertaining workshop where we all learn the dark art of spontaneous scene work. Imagine sketch comedy where the writers are forced at gunpoint to come up with something while they are also performing it. Minus the gun. Maybe. Continue Reading

Angry Monkey

Just back from a boisterously wonderful two-week run at the Crackhouse Comedy Club in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia! Often times when I’m in that country, it is only for a few days. As a result, my sightseeing is severely hampered. But this time, my extended stay afforded me the chance to see some things I had never gotten around to previously.

I had always wanted to visit the Hindu temple at Batu Caves. In my home state of Hawaii, the slang for crystal methamphetamine is “batu.” This is not why I wanted to visit. (And certainly NOT why I went to visit the village of Mahu in Myanmar.)

On a previous trip to Malaysia, Continue Reading

Gus Tate is Famous in China

Tourists from remote parts of China come to Beijing to see things they cannot see in their home towns. You know, things like The Forbidden Palace. And white people. While walking around the Palace with American comedian (and current Beijing resident) Gus Tate, I was repeatedly asked by Chinese tourists if they could take pictures with my white friend. It’s a strange world. Continue Reading

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