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Paul Ogata

Brexit Consequences

Now that the UK has voted to leave the European Union, in the much discussed Brexit, what is the biggest negative consequence the country faces?

Is it a diminished “special relationship” with the United States? No. Is it the record lows to which the pound has already fallen? Nope. Is it the all but assured possibility that Scotland will now leave the UK? Nah.

It’s the further destruction of their own language. Continue Reading

Paul Ogata, Australia 2016 Tour

My name is Ogata. My world is laughter. And jokes. I exist in this wasteland, reduced to one instinct: entertain.

And entertain I will. Catch my return to Australia, this time coming to nine cities across three states.

Here’s the full schedule: Continue Reading

Paul Ogata and Renee Brown, Chain Comedy at 3rd Street Live

Every Monday (when I am in the country) you should come to 3rd Street Live and watch us pluck giggles out of the ether with the Chain Comedy crew.

This week, improv guru Mike Chain threw me and Renee Brown onstage and declared that she would be calling me at my place of business: a pr0n store. (Deliberate misspelling to confound the filters.)

Watch what happens next: Continue Reading

Chinese Airline Movie Reviews

Halfway through my “For Those About To ROFL” super tour of Asia! Scratch Shanghai, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur off the list. Up next, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipei.

But first… more of the joyful assemblage of WTF that I call: CHINESE AIRLINE MOVIE REVIEWS!

If you missed the first episode, I discovered on my flight to Asia that the Chinese airline had attempted to provide synopses of movies in their entertainment system catalog. PLOT TWIST: looks like they used the highly unreliable but eminently entertaining Google Translate to do the job. And they fail hilariously.

Here we go! Continue Reading

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