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Ages and ages ago (I am old) I grew up on a steady diet of reruns of Fat Albert cartoons. This was my introduction to Bill Cosby. Actually, it was pretty much all I knew about Bill Cosby at the time besides his commercials for Coke or Jell-O.

Saturday mornings were a time where this strange Cosby man would sit in a junkyard and come at me with music and fun. Always warning me that if I wasn’t careful I might learn something. Hey hey hey! “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I would complain in my head, “just get to the cartoon part.”

The other cartoons on TV at the time were mostly Wile E. Coyote’s violent exploits in his attempts at bird murder. Lessons could be gleaned there if one paid close attention. For example: “don’t trust mail order catalogs.” However, every week, and even several times in each episode, Wile E. would return and thus negate any possible lessons.


Fat Albert about to use the Staff of Ra to discover the Well of the Souls— ah, who am I kidding. He thinks its a lollipop.

But that wasn’t the case with Fat Albert. It was very interesting Continue Reading…

Tourists from remote parts of China come to Beijing to see things they cannot see in their home towns. You know, things like The Forbidden Palace. And white people. While walking around the Palace with American comedian (and current Beijing resident) Gus Tate, I was repeatedly asked by Chinese tourists if they could take pictures with my white friend. It’s a strange world. Continue Reading…


The World Health Organization (aka WHO) has developed a set of measurements for air pollution. It ranges from 0-50 being “excellent,” all the way to 300+ which is “don’t even go outside.” When I got to Beijing last week, it was almost 500. I would show you a picture, but instead you can just find a slate grey iPhone and stare at the back of it.

I’ve amended their table and added a level to accurately reflect the reality of Beijing air: Continue Reading…

Chinese Menus OMGWTF

Back in April, when I was last in mainland China doing shows, I told you about the crazy English translations on Chinese menus. Well, I’m back in Beijing this week and caught more of these wonders of culinary miscommunication.

They have to be joking, right? Because otherwise, OMGWTF.

Enjoy! Continue Reading…