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Chinese Airline Movie Reviews

Halfway through my “For Those About To ROFL” super tour of Asia! Scratch Shanghai, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur off the list. Up next, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipei.

But first… more of the joyful assemblage of WTF that I call: CHINESE AIRLINE MOVIE REVIEWS!

If you missed the first episode, I discovered on my flight to Asia that the Chinese airline had attempted to provide synopses of movies in their entertainment system catalog. PLOT TWIST: looks like they used the highly unreliable but eminently entertaining Google Translate to do the job. And they fail hilariously.

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Laughs For Lions 10 with Paul Ogata, Steve Byrne and Dat Phan

Maybe call this one “Episode X: The Farce Awakens.”

Hey, Hawaii! I’m coming back home! And this time, it’s for the biggest Laughs For Lions show yet. Catch me at Mamiya Theatre on Saturday, August 20, 7:00 PM. It’s going to be amazing with Steve Byrne, star of his own TBS sitcom, “Sullivan & Son.” With Dat Phan, Geechy Guy, Tony Calabrese, Kurt Swann and Michelle Welch also on the show. Plus, The Soup Nazi will be there serving soup (of course) and insults (naturally).

It’s only April. Why am I telling you about a mid-August show now? Well, tickets JUST went on sale and already 65% of the VIP seats are gone, as well as 35% of General Admission. So… GET ON IT! QUICKLY!!!

The pre-party starts at 5:30 PM, where your show tickets get you unlimited Continue Reading

Chinese Airline Movie Reviews

Once again, I’m back here in Shanghai. This time, I’m at the glorious, new location of Kung Fu Komedy. But to get here, I had to endure 14 hours on a plane.

You tend to run out of movies to watch on such a journey, so I turned to reading. Not books, but instead I delved into the Chinese airline movie reviews in the entertainment system menu.

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Paul Ogata's The Heckler's Guide To Knowing When To STFU

Wasn’t sure if I should have titled this “Snitches Get Stitches.” Or maybe “Comedian And Heckler Lose Face.”

In Hong Kong this week, a heckler disrupted a comedy show, announcing to the crowd that he believed the comedian’s jokes were racist. Then the heckler did it a second time. So the comedian proceeded to smash the heckler in the face with a glass.

I feel you, Anonymous Hong Kong Comic. I feel you.

We’re not supposed to condone violence in this civilized world, but then again in a civilized world these inconsiderate, show-wrecking complainers wouldn’t exist either.

I’ve noticed a trend Continue Reading

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