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I never really watched the comedy/romance TV series, The Love Boat, when I was a kid. Too much icky romance. Yuck. Not enough comedy.

All I knew for sure about the show was its catchy theme song: “Come aboard. We’re expecting you!”

Well, of course they’re expecting you. You made reservations and paid in advance. Ain’t nobody showing up at the docks with their luggage hoping to get a good deal on a cabin at the last moment.

One time I got to have drinks with Ted Lange (Isaac The Bartender) in Waikiki. I wonder if Bernie Kopell ever dispenses medication in real life? Here’s hoping.

Doing shows on real cruise ships has taught me an important thing: sometimes there’s too much Love on the Boats. One time a Catholic priest put the moves on me and stalked me the whole week… I’m not making this up. So my job is to make sure there’s enough comedy to balance out the ratio.

Well until they produce a show called The LOL Boat, I guess you’ll just have to come out and see it for real. Luckily, Royal Caribbean just offered me a ton of dates in 2018 so you have ample opportunity!

May I suggest joining me aboard the Symphony of the Seas? It’s Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, and when it launches next year it will be the largest ship in the world. Like the song says, “Exciting and new!”

You totally should join me and make history as the Symphony undergoes its maiden voyages through the Mediterranean with stops in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Provence, Florence/Pisa, Rome and Naples.

Here’s the full list below of when I’ll be on the high seas in 2018. Starting with a New Year’s Eve cruise! If you can’t make that one, don’t worry. The LOL Boat soon will be making another run. Click Here to book a week on Royal Caribbean.

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