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***  NOTE: This show has been rescheduled to a future date. ***

I’ve said it before: Life is a circle.

Need more proof? I submit Exhibit A, the strange food month I just experienced:

In Malaysia, I gorged on Guangzhou duck.

In Guangzhou I devoured Hong Kong dim sum.

In Hong Kong I scarfed down Hawaiian poke.

In Hawaii I ate at California Pizza Kitchen.

And this Saturday I’ll be performing in California at a place called Hong Kong.

My journey through the Universe, delicious though it may be, exists in an asynchronous state. My only advice is to come see me this week before I disappear indeterminately into the inevitable temporal vortex created by my travels.

So, catch me in Torrance! T-T-T-Torrance!

Come early for dinner (starting at 6pm) if you want some Asian and Hawaii-influenced dishes. Who knows where in the world your food will take you next?

Complete info and tickets available at the link above. I hope to see you there before the Universe frozen-donkey-wheels me into the space-time continuum again. Aloha!

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