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It’s official! I’ve got an air date for the Comedy Central Asia half-hour.

This journey began last month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A bunch of my very funny friends from around the world got together and made some television history. You can hear me talk all about it on my buddy Turner Sparks’ Lost In America podcast.

The second season of Stand-Up Asia premieres on August 22, but they have scheduled my half-hour as the final episode of the season. Of course, as a comedian and therefore a broken human, I have mixed feelings about this.

The final episode can be a good thing, as in Breaking Bad. Or it can be an absolute horror, like in Roseanne. (I would have offered up Lost as an example of this kind of debacle, because it’s a more contemporary reference. However, truth be told, I love this show’s final episode as much as I loved the whole series. Shut up and fight me. I will straight up smack you in the head with a Dharma Initiative fish biscuit.)

So I guess what I’m saying is that you have to tune in and see for yourself.

But when?

See my fat head plugging up your TV screens on Tuesday, October 10, on Comedy Central Asia. As they say, consult your local listings for broadcast times.

Also, if you live anywhere Comedy Central Asia broadcasts (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti or various other Pacific Islands), can you Periscope it to me? I’m a little out of the service area.

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