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In my never ending mission to bring laughter everywhere in the world, I am about to head off to Pakistan for the country’s first ever international comedy shows!

Masterminded by Pakistani comedian Umar Rana, these shows under the Comedy Masala banner also figure to be the first in Umar’s takeover of his homeland. (Comedy-wise, that is.) He’s already planted his comedy flag in Singapore to great success.

For this inaugural outing in Pakistan, I’m joined by my funny friends Dwayne Perkins and Matt Davis, and it’s all hosted by Umar himself.

You won’t want to miss The Land of The Pure’s first glimpse of American stand-up comedy. With six shows over three nights, you’ll have plenty of chances to catch us.

Want tickets? Call 021-38909914 and someone will bring them straight to you. (If you’re in Karachi. Otherwise, probably not.)

See you in Karachi!

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