The New, Improved Kim Jong-un Title Maker!

The New, Improved Kim Jong-un Title Maker! post image

You know North Korea’s leader by his name, Kim Jong-un. But besides the name on his super-villain’s license, he has many other official ways to be addressed:

• Chairman of the party’s Central Military Commission
• Member of the Presidium of the party’s Political Bureau
• Supreme commander of the Korean People’s Army

And about a dozen more. But wouldn’t you like to have your very own over-indulgent title to satisfy the dictator inside you and amaze your captive subjects, too?

Way back in 2012, I gave you the original Kim Jong-un Title Maker. But you had to manually select the various parts of the grandiose title. Not anymore.

I present to you the all new and improved (and automated with exponentially more results) Kim Jong-un Title Maker.

Click here to be anointed by Dear Leader himself!

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