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This April, I’m headed back for more shows across the Middle Kingdom!

Some of the questions I’m asked frequently about my gigs in Asia include, “Aren’t you afraid to go to a Communist country?” and, Do you do your act in Asian?

The answers, in order, are, “Don’t be scared,” and, “Don’t be stupid.”

But the other query I get quite often is, “Hey, how can I start doing shows in China, too?”

There’s a really easy answer to that.

My buddies over at Kung Fu Komedy have just announced the China International Comedy Festival 2017. In its second year, the festival is offering even bigger prizes than last year, plus comedy bookings around the world.

But hurry, comics! You only have one month from now to enter! So do it now. Click Here To Submit An Application! Compete. Impress the organizers. Secure gigs in the Far East. See how simple it is?

And if you do make it into the competition, fly up a week earlier and hang out with me in China! Here’s where I’ll be:

11 April:  Chengdu – The Bookworm

12 April: Hangzhou – Shares Bar

13 April: Suzhou – The Camel

14 April: Shanghai – Kung Fu Komedy

15 April: Shanghai – Kung Fu Komedy

16 April: Beijing  – The Bookworm

See you all in China!

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