I Am Chicken Feet

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Time to face facts: I am the chicken feet of comedy.

Yes, I said chicken feet. In China, they are called Jī jiǎo. In Indonesia, they are ceker. And in the Philippines they are adidas.

Taking a look at chicken feet’s Wikipedia page, it seems that I tend to work quite a bit more in places where the dish is popular: Asia, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe.

Well, not so much in Eastern Europe. I have never done shows in Russia, but I’m fairly certain it would go well considering they pass the chicken feet popularity test. In Russia, they boil the chicken feet with vegetables and then set it aside to cool. The gelatin in the feet then solidifies to produce a jiggly dish that resembles Jell-O. Except with feet in it.

To Westerners, this might seem unappetizing because, as Destiny’s Child once said, I don’t think they’re ready for this jelly. And maybe that’s the same explanation for my career.

Oh well, contrary to what former Jell-O spokesperson Bill Cosby thinks, you can’t force people to do stuff they don’t want to do. So it’s off to the Caribbean this weekend, followed by my half-hour on Comedy Central Asia on October 10, then my Asia Super Tour in November. This will be my 25th time back in Hong Kong. They really love chicken feet there, too.

If you’ve never been to my shows, come see what the other half of the world is enjoying! Here’s where I’ll be:

Thursday, November 16, 8pm: Champs Bar, Wanchai, Hong Kong *
Friday, November 17, 9pm: TakeOut Comedy, SoHo, Hong Kong *
Saturday, November 18, 9pm: TakeOut Comedy, SoHo, Hong Kong *
Thursday, November 23, 8pm: Champs Bar, Wanchai, Hong Kong *
Friday, November 24, 9pm: TakeOut Comedy, SoHo, Hong Kong *
Saturday, November 25, 9pm: TakeOut Comedy, SoHo, Hong Kong *
Monday, November 27, 7pm: Solaire Resort & Casino, Makati City, Philippines
Wednesday, November 29, 9pm: Hotel Vagabond, Singapore
Thursday November 30, 8pm: American Club, Jakarta
Friday, December 1, 8pm: Usmar Ismail Hall, Jakarta
Saturday, December 2, 8pm: New Majestic Theater, Bandung

* Hong Kong shows are part of the 11th Annual Hong Kong International Comedy Festival.

Cluck– I mean, click– the links above for ticketing information. See you there!

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