A Bad Case of Tequila

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File this under, “It Would Be Funny If It Were Not Sadly Real.”

If you yell “sooey” the pigs will come running, and the recent election of Donald Trump has summoned the hogs in ways both expected and unforeseen. With the KKK’s endorsement of Trump we could have easily seen the rise of white nationalists. They’re also known as the “alt-right” as they like to call themselves, likely because white supremacists are largely incapable of spelling “supremacists.”

But here’s one you probably didn’t see coming. Or maybe you did. The abhorrent “celebrity” Tila Tequila has come out in favor of Hitler and white nationalism.

Echoing Dave Chappelle’s blind KKK character who doesn’t know he’s black, Clayton Bigsby, Tequila recently had her Twitter account suspended after posting a photo of herself giving the Nazi salute with what I assume are fellow white supremacists. Fictional Bigsby is funny; Real-life Tequila is not.

Tequila, the Singaporean-born porn actress and reality TV fixture of Vietnamese descent, wrote on her own website in the past about how Hitler was “not a bad person as they have painted him out to be.” She then took photos of herself in “slutty Nazi” attire in front of the Auschwitz concentration camp, which she later blamed on depression. OMG. Ask your führer if Zoloft is right for you.

It then escalated to her tweeting that a Jewish-American political commentator should be “gassed and sent back to Israel.” This then led to her declaring that the two things for which she would sacrifice her life would be the “destruction of all Jews and the preservation of the white race.” Attention, ho: just because you bleach your hair blonde doesn’t make you white.

We should actually thank Tila Tequila for endorsing this “white nationalism” business, because it lends the movement much needed illegitimacy. As if it doesn’t already have heaps of it. The group’s leader, Richard Spencer, recently claimed America is solely white people’s inheritance and it belongs to them. Um, no, Dick.

But back to Tila. Girl, you’re in your mid-30’s now. Start acting like it. May I suggest ditching the stage name, “Tila Tequila,” and opting for a more grown-up, “Renée Chardonnay”? Also, maybe stop acting like a cat that’s always backing up and showing us its butt hole.

Because at some point, you’ll be wondering where all the time went as you are presiding over the opening of a strip mall auto parts store as an octogenarian in a bikini.


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