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Ah, live improvised comedy. It’s like breakdancing on thin ice. Or swinging nunchaku blindfolded in a Precious Moments store. Or a third thing.

Chain Comedy does it every Monday night in Temecula at 3rd Street Live. It’s an addictive, entertaining workshop where we all learn the dark art of spontaneous scene work. Imagine sketch comedy where the writers are forced at gunpoint to come up with something while they are also performing it. Minus the gun. Maybe.

Come on down and see the fun. Hell, come on down and BE the fun. You can learn to live dangerously and have a blast doing it, or you can watch. Your choice! The workshop is directed by Peabody award-winning writer/director/actor/musician Michael Chain. (And recent #1 Best Selling Author!)

This is a scene from this week Monday where Bill Jubran and I are told by Chain, “Okay, you’re calling the nut house.” That, plus 1 or 2 seconds is all we’ve got. Then it’s showtime.

Check it out:

And here’s another one from Mondays, “Visiting the Star Wars Store” with Alfonso Ochoa and Zach Meyers:

See you Mondays, 7pm, at 3rd Street Live in Temecula!


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