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History lesson: if you liked Pacific Rim and its kaiju monsters, you would have loved the old tokusatsu TV shows. The original Godzilla films begat these awesome/silly Japanese superhero TV series, which then begat the Idris Elba blockbuster of 2013. But what are now $150 million budgets of computer generated imagery started as just a bunch of guys in rubber costumes (zippers plainly visible) knocking over miniature toy buildings.

The progenitor of these TV shows was Ultraman. In fact, some of the monsters Ultraman battled were simply reused costumes from Godzilla movies in a fresh coat of paint. And nobody cared because it was crazy stupid fun. That’s like watching Battlestar Galactica and seeing the Enterprise, but this time it’s blue. And you wouldn’t care because the new BSG is crazy stupid fun. BSG also entertains the notion that all of this has happened before and it will all happen again. You know, like reusing old Godzilla costumes. Whoa… mind blown.

So that’s what I plan to bring to you on this tour of Asia: crazy stupid fun. You’ll likely see my zipper, too, and it will be up. Possibly. If you’ve been to one of my shows before, please be the blue Enterprise or the pink Godzilla and come again.

Anyway, eight cities in five countries! Here’s where you can catch me:



Beijing, October 31 – November 01, 8pm
Comedy Club China at The Bookworm
Tickets available soon.



Petaling Jaya, November 04, 9pm
One Mic Stand at PJ Live Arts
Tickets Available Soon

Kuala Lumpur, November 05, 8:30pm
Comedy Kao Kao at The Bee Publika
Email comedykaokao@gmail.com for tickets and reservations.

Kuala Lumpur, November 06, 9pm
Crackhouse Comedy Club
For reservations, call +6017 6243 412.

Kota Kinabalu, November 07-08, 8pm
Comedy Bah at Bar 35
For tickets, call +6016 8312 381.



Yangon, November 11, 8pm
50th Street Cafe
Tickets available soon.



Wanchai, November 13, 8pm
Champs Bar
Click Here For Tickets

SoHo, November 14-15 8pm & 10pm
TakeOut Comedy Club Hong Kong
Click Here For Tickets



November 16, 9pm
MGM Macau, Lions Bar
Click Here For Tickets


Science Special Search Party, Move Out! See you at the shows.

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