Year of the Paradoxical Frog

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If the Chinese zodiac were to devote an animal to me, I guess you could say my year would be the Year of the Paradoxical Frog. The both of us are nocturnal, have strong toes and are mysteriously small. Google it. To celebrate the

Year of the Paradoxical Frog, I’ve got an epic tour of Asia coming right up, and I hope you can make it out to join me on one of these shows!

April 11: Hangzhou (Shares Bar)
April 15: Nanjing (Blue Marlin)
April 16: Wuxi (The Red Lion)
April 17: Suzhou (Tunnel)
April 18-19: Shanghai (Kung Fu Komedy Club)

April 22: Boat Quay (Home Club)
April 23: Robertson Quay (DBS Arts Centre)

April 24: Wanchai (Champs Bar)
April 25-26: SoHo (TakeOut Comedy Club)

April 27: MGM Grand Hotel

And I’ll have some downtime between some of the shows, so who knows what other countries I might attempt to shoe horn into the schedule? Come on out if you are nearby, and if you’re not nearby then get nearby and then come on out.

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