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Comedy and fighting are so much alike. Comedians and fighters both throw punches, they both have managers that yell at them and in both cases low-blows are frowned upon.

So I figured, why not do this poster in an old-timey boxing poster look?

Hawaii, I only get back once or twice a year to do shows for you. This is that time. So come on out for a great night of fun and philanthropy. It’s Laughs For Lions 9 at Mamiya Theatre on Saturday, August 23 at 7:35 PM. All of the proceeds from the show, produced by the Kamehameha Lions Club Foundation, benefit LEO Club scholarships for Kalani High School, Sacred Hearts Academy and La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls.

Who else is on the show? Dat Phan from Last Comic Standing; Geechy Guy from America’s Got Talent; Michael C Hall from Comedy Hawaii; and Maria Herman from Australia. Funny show!

But wait, there’s more! Door prizes, a silent auction and the Grand Plaza Bar begin at 6 PM. Now how much would you pay? We’ll even throw in free food and drinks! That’s not all, you have a chance to win hundreds of dollars in prizes in the Minute To Win It game. And best of all, this year tickets are going for as low as $25! (That’s one easy payment of $25.)

And remember, the Kamehameha Lions Club Foundation is a registered 501(c) public charity, and that means this is all tax deductible. I honestly don’t know why you wouldn’t do this. In fact, you could totally just buy tickets and reduce the amount you owe to the government, then not even go to the show. But you’d be stupid because then you’d miss FREE FOOD, DRINKS, COMEDY AND PRIZES. And I know you’re not stupid.

CLICK HERE to get your tickets. Or call 808-528-1073 if you distrust the Internet. Do it!

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