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Last weekend I was in Seattle/Bellevue doing shows at a fabulous comedy club called Parlor Live. Undoubtedly the best club in that entire corner of the country. It’s always nice to perform in places where lots of former Hawaii peeps live; I almost feel like I’m at home again.

One of the former 808ers to show up for some laughs was PJ (pictured below the blog). Turns out he was a fan from when I used to live in Hawaii. What is interesting is that he told me about the Other Paul Ogata (OPO), his friend back on Oahu. I used to think that it was an uncommon name. After all, I seem to have no problem getting domains, email addresses or user names.

Take a look at this poor mofo, Tom Goss:

Tom Goss

I found this sticker on the wall of a coffeehouse. He might be famous, I don’t know. But this sticker tells me two things:

1) The name Tom Goss is actually so common that he had to differentiate from the Tom Goss who already has and who probably does something else like design and marketing.

2) He’s not even the only Tom Goss in music, as his Myspace username suggests. There’s at least another Tom Goss who does music, and was faster with grabbing the Myspace handle but wasn’t fast enough to register the URL. I don’t even understand that one.

So apparently the world has plenty of Tom Gosses. Who knew? What I didn’t know was the glut of Paul Ogatas. I mean I know through DVG-ing myself last year that there was at least another Paul Ogata.

As I talked with PJ after the show, he told me that OPO went to Punahou School. You know, the one President Barack Obama attended. And suddenly it all made sense: I had never run into OPO because we are complete opposites. He went to the premiere private school in the state; I went to a school whose white buildings kept getting covered in the surrounding red dirt and eventually gave up and painted the whole school the color of dirt. He leads a productive life in relaxing anonymity; I scour the net regularly to seize the “paulogata” username on any new service. We are matter and anti-matter, and should we ever meet we would surely cause an enormous blast of pure energy, annihilating each other and the immediate vicinity. (Probably an Apple Store.)

So, thanks for coming to the show, PJ. But keep Other Paul Ogata away from me just to be safe.

Shaka signs should always be blurry in photos, like they just watched The Ring videotape.

Shaka signs should always be blurry in photos, like they just watched The Ring videotape.

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