Rap’s Real Illuminati Ambassadors

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All this talk about Jay-Z being a member of the Illuminati is just uninformed conjecture. Let me tell you about rap’s real Illuminati ambassadors. How can I explain it? I’ll take it frame by frame it.

Just a Pyramid? Or The Mysterious Illuminati Headquarters in Space?

Just a Pyramid? Or The Mysterious Illuminati Headquarters in Space? Hmmm?

Let’s start with the back of the dollar bill. It is a one dollar denomination, so we see a large O. A floating eye sits within a pyramid which itself floats above another pyramid. Two pyramids, each word starting with the letter P. What do we have? OPP. And just who do we know that is down with OPP? That’s right. Naughty By Nature. Or should I say, “Illuminati By Nature”!

The truth is always half-hidden right before our eyes to fool us into thinking that we didn’t know that we already knew but were afraid to know. Or something like that.

Need proof? Let’s look into the song, OPP.

• OPP is a song about taking other people’s property. Just like what the Illuminati plan to do.
“O is for other, P is for people’s, scratch your temple.” You mean the Masonic Temple?
• The song talks about throwing “a skeleton bone right in the closet door.” Oh, hidden in the closet with the rest of the Skull And Bones Society!
• Naughty By Nature was so high up in the Illuminati organization, they were actually recruiters. Don’t believe me? “But if you don’t, here’s your membership.”
• Like Fight Club, The Illuminati has a very simple First Rule: “That’s rule number one in the OPP establishment. You keep your mouth shut and it won’t get back to her or him.” Only sinister organizations have a “first rule,” groups such as the Illuminati or Fight Club or SAG/AFTRA.
• Finally, Naughty By Nature hails from “Illtown.” Is it a nickname for East Orange, New Jersey? Or is it really short for Ill-uminati Town?

Are you the type who needs pictures to fully get on board? Okay, simpleton. Here you go:

The Illuminati love triangles. Because it’s hard to make the shape of a dodecahedron with your fingers unless you have really bad arthritis.

You can clearly see Naughty By Nature proudly displaying the favorite geometric shape of the Illuminati, the triangle. I have highlighted it for you on the right. But even more treacherous is the use of HIDDEN TRIANGLES. This photo contains so many of them:

So many triangles! It’s like a Highlights Magazine hidden pictures puzzle, but you know… more Satanic.

Add to this the fact that there are three members of Naughty By Nature, making them a triangle themselves.

The proof is irrefutable. Naughty By Nature IS the Illuminati. I am putting my life in peril to help you see the sinister conspiracy unfolding all around us.

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