Yay! Media Frenzy!

Yay! Media Frenzy! post image

Here’s a truth bomb: When magazines and newspapers devote some of their precious space to defile their pages with my unaesthetic visage and nonsensical ramblings, it makes me all giddy on the inside part.

It’s partially narcissism, sure, but that’s just a little piece of the pie. (Well, maybe a big Pac-Man-shaped piece.) More importantly, I am glad the promotional machine is in high gear for my Asia shows.

Be sure to check out the June 2012 issue of FHM Singapore. For the second time in half a year, they did an interview with me, taking up a whole page which they could have used for more pictures of scantily clad hotties. Plus, it is their Comedy Issue, so rush out and pick up a copy, especially to read an insightful piece on local Singapore comedy written by my friend and brilliant comic, Jonathan Atherton.

I really like the disclaimer on the magazine cover: “UNSUITABLE FOR THE YOUNG.” I might have to adopt that as well.

Also, grab a copy of 8 Days Magazine while you are at the Singapore newsstand:

8 Days has a column called What They Never Taught You In School. Sit back and let me drop a little bit of knowledge into your head.

Big thanks to FHM and 8 Days for the nice pieces, probably a good reason why the Singapore show was sold out and crazy fun.

Now I’m in Hong Kong, and HK Magazine is helping out with a nice article/interview in this week’s issue:

In the HK Magazine interview I talked about how sometimes everything bad in the Universe aligns against me and a bad show happens. But last night at the TakeOut Comedy Club everything was in perfect alignment and we had likely one of my Top 5 favorite shows ever. Life sometimes drops comic gifts into your lap, and things fit together beautifully. From “Pencil-head Hunter” to “Crotch-Abs Sasha” it made for a fun show. Luckily, we caught it on video, and I hope to get that DVD into your hands really soon.

That’s the beauty of these shows I’m doing, especially at TakeOut Comedy: anything can happen. You’ve got two more chances to join in on the fun, tonight at 8pm and 10pm. Get your tickets now at TakeOutComedy.com or by calling +852 6220 4436.

See you there. Tonight!

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