Jakarta International Fringe Festival

The Jakarta International Fringe Festival

This November 7th through 11th, we’re putting the ART in JakARTa… It’s the inaugural Jakarta International Fringe Festival!

Over the last couple of years of performing in Indonesia I’ve had some fantastic times. Ate cow brains. Survived an earthquake. Even gave an impromptu workshop for local Indonesian comics. But this looks to be the best time ever.

The JakFringe has an incredible line-up of top talent from around the world, and it really makes me wonder, “How the hell am I in this?” I’m blessed to be performing alongside legends like Emo Philips, and with my hilarious friends Harith Iskander, Tom Rhodes, Jonathan Atherton and Andre King.

(As a personal bonus, Andre and I share a birthday during the festival. Come help us celebrate!)

You also have a chance to participate in the JakFringe. As the world’s first digital fringe festival, you can submit a video of your act and win big prizes. Details here.

So get your tickets, come on out, and let’s make history together.

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