Greatest Racist Homophobic Voicemail. Ever.

November 4, 2012 — 9 Comments

If you’re a racist homophobe, and you don’t want people to know you are, you should make sure your phone is turned off before you start mouthing off. Yesterday, a lady left this voicemail message at the comedy club where I’m performing this week. I guess she accidentally dialed the club, then logged on to the club’s website to learn more about the shows. The rest is captured on tape (in zeroes and ones?) for all eternity. Enjoy!

9 responses to Greatest Racist Homophobic Voicemail. Ever.

  1. she didn’t know she was being recorded huh … then ‘great internet fuckwad theory’ applies

  2. I SWEAR she’s not kin to me. I hate her on your behalf.

  3. Call her out on the night she shows up…that’s worth a good fifteen minutes right there. What a complete ignorant fuckwit. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to run the voicemail first. x

  4. Paul Oh gay duh. whuhuhuuu. haoles do that too here with Hawaiian words and placenames…

  5. Wow! I hope she showed and you ripped into her. She should be easy to spot. Shes the one with the John Deer cap, Romney button on her flannel shirt and a red neck.

  6. That’s ok. Cause a talk about blondes to all my Asian friends. How dumb blonds are and how blonde women are only good for one thing. And that’s a penis in their mouth.

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