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Interviews are fun. The President and his spokesperson seem to have a different opinion about this. I don’t mind doing them, even if the questions I get asked are invariably the same.

“Are you always funny, even at home?”

“Who are your inspirations?”

“You travel a lot. Do you have a lot of frequent flyer miles?”

The answers are as follows: [click to continue…]


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In my never ending mission to bring laughter everywhere in the world, I am about to head off to Pakistan for the country’s first ever international comedy shows!

Masterminded by Pakistani comedian Umar Rana, these shows [click to continue…]

A Reminder From The Past

A Reminder From The Past post image

Here’s a post from the archives, which remains yugely relevant given the recent circumstances. I repurposed it in shiny meme form because people can’t be bothered to read anything anymore unless it is a picture of words over a picture of something else.

Great LOL Of China

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This April, I’m headed back for more shows across the Middle Kingdom!

Some of the questions I’m asked frequently about my gigs in Asia include, “Aren’t you afraid to go to a Communist country?” and, Do you do your act in Asian?

The answers, in order, are, [click to continue…]