An Apology To Adam West

An Apology To Adam West post image

I make it no secret that I wish I was Batman, and the reason for that was Adam West.

Enjoying the reruns of the 60’s Batman show was one of the highlights of my childhood. While other kids were out playing baseball, I was reading Batman comics, drawing Batman, trying to create my own Batman utility belt.

Fast forward to my early adulthood. I was a newbie, wanna-be comedian running my mouth occasionally at a comedy club in Waikiki.

I have a plethora of stories about how interacting with the audience went so very wrong for me in those early days. Variously, my inept attempts at crowd work were met with stone cold silence, frantic flashes of “the light” (the device meant to signal to a comic that his time on stage was over) and even a death threat.

But on one night early in my painful growth as a comedian, right in the front row [click to continue…]

Hooray For Kualywood?

Hooray For Kualywood? post image

I’ve always said: “Be specific what you ask the Universe for.”

Well, I wanted to do a half-hour for Comedy Central, and the Universe granted my non-specific request… with a half-hour for Comedy Central in Asia.

No complaints. I’ll take it! [click to continue…]

The Circle

The Circle post image

***  NOTE: This show has been rescheduled to a future date. ***

I’ve said it before: Life is a circle.

Need more proof? I submit Exhibit A, the strange food month I just experienced: [click to continue…]

Advice To My Unborn Children post image

Dear never-conceived children of mine,

I’ve always wanted to have kids, and download my accumulated knowledge into their little heads. But I don’t have children. (Which may not be the worst situation for society.) It could be for any number of reasons: bad genes, cruel gods, poor aim.

Plus, I fear the extent of my [click to continue…]