Vegas Shows Coming Up!

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In his song, Viva Las Vegas, Elvis says that he wishes there 40 more hours in each day. He also says he wouldn’t sleep a minute of those 64 hours. Which would have been pretty hard to do on the barbiturates he was swallowing like Skittles.

But let’s say he did stay up 64 hours each day. Then he’d surely have time to see some comedy shows. And since you don’t have Dr. Nick filling you up with Dilaudid, I’m guessing you have time to see some comedy as well.

Well what a coincidence; I’m headed back to Las Vegas! This time I’ll be doing back-to-back weeks in the desert. Here are the details: [click to continue…]

The Bottle

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Back in the day at Ocean Club in Honolulu (formerly Studebaker’s, if you are that old… and I am), it was one of those crowded nights. One of those nights when too many people crammed themselves into a small club to get their minds off of being crammed in too tightly onto a small island. I stepped outside to inhale some air devoid of sweat and Drakkar.

I sat on the low wall across the club’s entrance, eavesdropping on the world’s worst [click to continue…]

What A Lovely Tour!

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Oh, what a tour… WHAT A LOVELY TOUR! Three weeks in Australia without a night off. Now gimme that silver spray paint! Here’s the full list of shows. Come to one. Or all. You are awaited.

[click to continue…]

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