Law & Order SAR

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Just 48 hours into my latest Hong Kong trip, and I’ve already been to a jail and court.

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You can’t turn on the TV these days without hearing how they’re dividing us. Red state versus blue state. East versus West. iPhones versus exploding Samsung ones.

Well, let’s stop focusing on what’s keeping us apart and instead see what we have in common.

The Croatian word for laughter is “smijeh.” In French it is “rire,” and in Welsh it is “chwerthin.” But, amazingly, actual laughter is the same all around the world.

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I Almost Got Murdered

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Guys, I almost got murdered today.

Myanmar is still very much a developing country. According to the United Nations, the country ranks 145 out of 188 countries and sits between Pakistan and Angola on a scale of [click to continue…]


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In another life, I did morning radio. Twice, actually.

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