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What’s It Like Doing Comedy?

Three questions I get asked often about what I do are:
1. “Do you know Fluffy?”
2. “How long are you going to do this?”
3. “What’s it like doing comedy?”

Right here, right now, allow me to answer them in this semi-permanent forum (until EMPs wipe out humanity’s collection of online knowledge forcing us to actually remember things with our heads). I do this so that future conversations with audience members or airplane seat neighbors can move quickly onto more important queries. Such as, Continue Reading »

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Anchor Down

I have always noticed the table set for one in military restaurants, DFACs and chow halls and silently paid respect in my head. This POW/MIA Table is there to honor the fallen and missing soldiers who cannot be with us today.

Today, while in the base’s chow hall to set up for a show, I noticed the accompanying placard. Its first line caught my eye and drew me in: Continue Reading »

Don’t Panic post image

Don’t Panic

If you were following my schedule and also following the news, you have likely deduced that I am smack dab in the middle of a brewing maelstrom of WTF. However, as the memes say, remain calm.

I am not allowed to post photos of where I am. That pic of me and the camel is from somewhere else.

I have been instructed not to tell you that I am Continue Reading »

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